Verify your government status

Unless you receive an exception, you must turn on and use your Fi account mainly in the US (territories not included). With an exception, you can turn on your account outside of the US and use Fi abroad for up to 9 months. For more information, refer to the Google Fi Terms of Service.

You can pause your Google Fi service for a short time. Exceptions let you pause your service for up to 39 months.

We grant exceptions for:

  • Military who serve abroad
  • State Department employees who serve abroad
  • Dependents on the same Fi group plan who are also stationed overseas

Important: We don't grant exceptions for other government civilians and employees.

About SheerID

To receive an international exception, you must verify your government status through SheerID. SheerID is a trusted third-party verification service. SheerID works on behalf of Google Fi to check and verify military and State Department credentials. For more information, go to

How to get verified

  1. Once you have a Fi account, go to If you request an exception to pause your service for up to 39 months, pause your Fi account before you proceed.
    • If you have dependents, add them to your group plan before you continue.
  2. Select Verify your military status or Verify your state department employment.
  3. Fill out the verification form.
  4. Submit the required documents.

Tip: To ensure a speedy and successful verification, make sure the info you submit through (like your first and last name) matches what’s on the documents. If your name changed since your military document was issued, upload the document and another government-issued document that shows your current name.

Once SheerID verifies your status, Fi processes your exception. Then, you can activate and fully use our services internationally for 9 months before a re-verification is required.

Required documentation

As part of the verification process, SheerID collects basic personal information and asks you to upload documentation that proves your status and eligibility. You must upload official government-issued documents that show your:

  • Full name
  • Branch of service, current affiliation with the Armed Forces, or current employment with the State Department
  • Indication that you serve abroad

Verification results and processing

SheerID reviews your documents within 20 minutes after you upload them. Then, SheerID emails you with more details about your verification request. The email tells you if you were successfully verified or if SheerID needs more information to complete your verification. 

After you're successfully verified, Fi processes your exception and sends you a confirmation email. This process usually takes a few minutes but can take up to a day.

Tip: If you don’t find an email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure my dependents also receive an exception?

  • Only the person who serves abroad verifies their status through SheerID. Dependents must not submit a separate request.
  • Before you go through the verification flow, add your dependents to your group plan. Once SheerID verifies your status, all group plan members receive an exception.

When I upgrade my phone, do I need to reverify my status?

Because you serve abroad, you must verify your status when you activate a new Fi account or use Fi internationally for an extended period of time. When you change phones, you don't need reverification.

My military status or branch isn’t an option. What do I select?

If your military status or branch isn’t listed as an option on the verification form, you’re not eligible for an exception.

Does SheerID sell or share my ID & info?

Your privacy is something SheerID takes seriously. SheerID only uses your information to confirm your eligibility.

SheerID doesn’t:

  • Rent your information
  • Sell your information
  • Store documents or images uploaded to their system

Learn about SheerID's privacy policy.

At some point, will I need to reverify my status?

Yes. You must reverify your status after 9 months. We send you a reminder email.

I don't want to do this online. Can I talk to a real person?

The verification is only done through SheerID's safe online service. If you have extenuating circumstances, email SheerID at

Can you help me with questions not covered here?


For questions about SheerID's verification process, like documentation, or request status, email

For questions about international activation, roaming, or calling, contact Google Fi support.
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