Google Play & your child's Google Account

If you created a Google Account for your child under age 13, they can use Google Play.

How Google Play works

For the most part, Google Play will be the same for children as it is for adults.

To see what's different, select the app name below to learn more.

Play Store

If you sign in your child's Google Account on an Android device, they can use the Google Play Store to download content like apps, games, and movies.

To limit which content your child can download or purchase, you can:

Play Music 

There are a few things that children can't do in the Google Play Music app, including:

  • Listen to free radio
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Create public playlists
  • Share playlists they've created
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Subscribe to Google Play Music

Note: If your family manager subscribed to the Google Play Music family plan, your child will automatically get a Google Play Music subscription.

Play Games

Children under 13 can't sign in to the Play Games app with their Google Account.

Play Books

The "Discover" tab won't show in the Play Books app.

Play Movies

There are a few things that children can't do in the Google Play Movies app, including:

  • Sign in to Android TV, Roku, or Smart TV to watch Play Movies
  • Redeem offers for movies
Play Newsstand

The "Explore" tab won't show in the Play Newsstand app.

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