Google Photos & your child's Google Account

When your child has a Google Account, they can use the Google Photos app to save and share their photos.

How Google Photos works

For the most part, Google Photos will be the same for children as it is for adults. There are only a few things that are different for children under 13 (or the applicable age in your country). For example:

  • Parents can turn off sharing from within Google Photos.
    • Important: This setting is not available for users who have added supervision to their account.
  • Face-grouping is turned off, so children can't search for specific people in their photo library.

Turn photo sharing on or off

If you created a Google Account for a child under 13 (or the applicable age in your country), you can manage your child's sharing in Google Photos with Family Link. When you turn off photo sharing, your child won't be able to use the share button in Google Photos. It also removes contributions they made to shared albums and conversations in Google Photos. However, your child will still be able to share photos in other apps, like Gmail.

To go to this setting directly in the app, tap the button below:

Set up Google Photos controls

  1. Open the Family Link app Family Link.
  2. Select your child.
  3. Tap Controls and then Content restrictions and then Google Photos.
  4. Turn Photo sharing on or off.


  • Whether or not your child can control their own account settings doesn't change the settings themselves. We recommend parents make sure the settings are correct after they change this control.
  • You can also manage your child's account when you click on your child's name at

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