Ads & Google Accounts managed with Family Link

When you use Family Link to create a Google Account for your child under 13 or the applicable age in your country, your child can use many Google services. Your child might see ads on Google services, like Google Search or Google Maps, and on non-Google sites and apps which they visit or use.

How ads work with these accounts

Signed in on Google services

When Google recognizes on our services that your child has signed into their Google Account managed with Family Link, Google strives to make sure:

  • Ads on those Google services are labeled
  • Ads on those Google services go through a review process to try to limit ads which may not be suitable for a younger audience

Google won't serve personalized ads to your child, which means ads won't be based on information from your child’s account. Instead, ads might be based on information like the content of the site or app your child is looking at, their current search, or general location (such as city or state).

Signed out or on non-Google services

When your child is signed out of their account, or when they visit non-Google sites or services, they might see:

  • Ads which aren't family-friendly
  • Ads served by non-Google ad providers, including personalized ads, that are similar to ads you see

You might consider some of these ads to be mature for your child or irrelevant to them.

Policies for advertisers

Advertisers can't target ads to Google Accounts for children under 13 or the applicable age in your country. Advertisers also can't serve personalized ads to these accounts, using Google's advertising services.

Google doesn’t share personal information about your children with advertisers, even if your child clicks on one of their ads.

Note: These policies only apply to ads served by Google, and not to ads served by other ad providers.

Report ads that aren't family-friendly

When your child is using Google Services while signed in to their Google Account managed with Family Link, we try to filter out inappropriate ads. Our filter isn't 100% perfect, and might not work in all cases. If your child sees an inappropriate ad, report the ad and we'll review it.

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