Finding content for classroom use

A curated set of apps and books for Android tablets and Chrome devices is available in Google Play for Education. The content is categorized and easy to find by subject and grade level.

Google Play for Education is only available for schools who have an active management license for Android tablets or Chrome devices.


Curated apps in Google Play for Education have been reviewed by educators for classroom value and are easily identified by the EDU badge:

After you click an app, you might see the following badges:

  • AD FREE—The app doesn't display ads, which we verify when the app is released. You should confirm that app updates don't include ads.
  • IN APP FREE—The app has no in-app purchase functionality, which we verify when the app is released. However, you should confirm that app updates haven't included any in-app purchasing functionality.

    Note: We block in-app purchases on configured tablets for students, so even if an app has in-app purchase functionality, a student can't use the Play Store to make in-app purchases.

  • REASSIGNABLE—The app can be uninstalled and reassigned to another student. It's possible for an app developer to deactivate this feature for their app, but licenses purchased while the EDU badge is present will continue to be reassignable. For instructions, see Uninstall apps from students' tablets.

Android apps can only be assigned to student accounts with tablets that have been purchased through the Android tablets for education program and configured using the Android Device Enrollment app.

If there's a specific app that you want to send to students and it isn't an EDU-approved app in Google Play for Education, you can always search for it in the search bar at the top. All apps that are in Google Play can be found and provisioned to students through Google Play for Education, they just won't have the EDU badge.

Chrome apps can only be assigned to student accounts for use in Chrome, either on a Chrome device or a desktop running Chrome. If you use Google Groups to send a Chrome app to students and then update the membership of the group, the app is automatically sent to new members and removed from accounts that are no longer members of the group.

Note: Chrome apps can take up to 24 hours to propagate to all users.


There’s a wide selection of current and classic fiction and nonfiction books in Google Play for Education. You can purchase student access, which varies by book, for 60, 180, or 360 days. The access period doesn’t begin until you assign the book to a student, and you can delegate an unassigned book to another teacher without initiating the access period. 

Note: The limited access period for books does not begin until the book has been assigned to a student. You can also delegate an un-assigned book to another teacher before the access period begins.

A collection of classic books is also available for free. You can search for a specific book or subject and  filter the results by grade. Click a book title to see a description, the price, and access period as well as publisher and publication date, electronic version features, and which device works best for reading. You can also see what themes are covered in the book and access more books on the same theme. 

When a book is assigned to a student, it's automatically delivered to the student's Google Play Books app on their Android tablets or Chrome devices. See Google Play Books basics and Rent textbooks & books for more information.

Find content

To find content, sign in to Google Play for Education with your G Suite account information from your desktop or laptop computer, not your tablet.

When you look for content, be aware that browsing shows only the curated content in Google Play for Education, while searching shows results from both Google Play for Education and Google Play. You can identify curated apps because they're marked with the EDU badge: .

After you sign in, select Apps or Books and then you can select a subject area on the left, including:

To begin browsing and to see more filtering options, select a content type (such as Android Apps or Books) and then a subject area, displayed in the navigational menu on the left-side of the screen. Your options include:

  Content Type
Subject area Android apps Chrome apps Books
Tools X X  
English Language Arts X X X
World Languages X   X
Mathematics X X X
Science X X X
Social Science X X  
Electives X X X
OER (Open Education Resources) X    

After you select a subject area, you can filter by:

  • Grade level (Not available for all subject areas)
  • Intended use (Available only for apps)
  • Price (Not available for Chrome apps because they're currently all free)
  • All Common Core Standards (Not available for all subject areas and you need to select a topic or grade level before this filter is available.)

You can combine filters to narrow your search. To remove a filter, click the drop-down menu for the filter and select the default, such as Grade Levels or Intended Uses.

Manage content

Google Play for Education also has the following management features:

  • Manage Content—Allows you to review the content that has been sent to users, add more licenses, and delegate license assignment to other users. (Teachers only see the tab for free content licenses.)
  • My Devices—Allows you to choose the device that receives content from Google Play for Education if you have more than one Android device.
  • Students—Allows you to see the content that's been sent to a student account which is helpful for troubleshooting when you need to resend an app or a book.
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