How an originality report is created

Originality reports:

  • Uses Google Search to compare students’ Google Doc files against billions of webpages and millions of books.
  • Displays and links to detected content sources.
  • Flags uncited text.

Originality reports sources

What does originality reports check against? 

All pages accessible by Google Search and Google Books. 

Does originality reports search Google Scholar?

No, Google Scholar isn’t included in an originality search. However, originality reports searches scholarly journals that are available on Google Search.
We know this search capability is an important feature request. 

Does originality reports check against external schools? If so, can those teachers see my students’ assignments?

No. We don’t store student work in a repository to check against external schools. No other teachers can see your students’ assignments.
However, we’re working to provide schools with a private, school-owned repository of student work. You can then use this repository in future originality reports.

Does Google keep a copy of student submissions and originality reports?

No. But teachers or the school may copy student submissions to the school's Google Drive, which contains data owned and controlled by the school.
Originality reports are automatically deleted after 45 days. 

Understanding the originality report

What are flagged passages?

Flagged passages are text excerpts that:
  • Are similar to text found on a webpage.
  • Aren’t cited or quoted by the student. 
The originality report displays the text from the external source and links to the webpage. 

What are cited or quoted passages?

Cited and quoted passages are excerpts of text that are:
  • Similar to text found on a webpage.
  • Cited or quoted by the student. 

Source citations

Can this tool determine correct citations for MLA/APA? 

No. Originality reports doesn’t evaluate citation formatting or verify the source of the text. The teacher must determine whether content was correctly cited.

Will sources be grouped, tiered, or coded so I can judge the severity of the plagiarism? 

No. The teacher must determine the severity of the flagged passages.

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