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If you turned on originality reports for an assignment, a report runs for you when a student turns in their work. You view the report from the grading tool. 

Read the report

Open a report

  1. On a computer, go to
  2. Click the classand thenClasswork.
  3. Click the assignmentand thenView assignmentand thenthe student’s file.
    The file opens in the grading tool.
  4. To open the report, choose one:
    • Under Files, click # flagged passages.
      Note: If no matched sources are found, under Files, you see No flagged passages.
    • If you turned on originality reports after receiving student work, go to the grading tool, open the student’s assignment, and click Check originality.

View the number of flagged passages

Flagged passages highlight text from the internet that the student didn't cite or quote.  

If a student’s submission contains citations, you can show or hide cited or quoted text in the results. Next to # cited or quoted passages, click the switch to the On position .

Switch from number of flagged passages to percentage of flagged content

To switch views between the number of flagged passages and the percentage of flagged content, click Count or %.

The percentage of flagged content shows how much source material a student used. For example, if a student’s report shows 5% flagged content, it means 5% of the content matches source material that wasn’t cited or quoted.

Review individual passages

Click through flagged passages

To review flagged passages, choose an option:

  • Under Web matches, click Next Next or Back Back.
  • In the paper, click a highlighted passage.

To return to the Summary view, click Back .

Highlight cited or quoted passages

To highlight material that contains cited or quoted passages, next to # cited or quoted passages, click the switch to the On position .
Note: Cited and quoted passages can be from the student or the source.

Return to the grading tool

In the top-left corner, click Close .

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