Read the originality report

To run originality reports, you need to sign up for the beta program. For more information, go to Sign up for Classroom beta programs.
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If you turned on Originality reports for an assignment, a report automatically runs when the student turns in their work. 

Read the report

View the number of flagged passages

The number of flagged passages highlights text found in public webpages that’s not cited or quoted by the student. Originality reports detects excerpts on the web, identifies the top matched source, and flags passages the student didn’t cite or quote.  

In the originality report, you can show or hide cited or quoted text in the results. By default, the report doesn’t show cited or quoted passages. If a student’s work contains citations, those passages won’t be highlighted unless you turn on the Show cited or quoted passages filter.

Switch views between number of flagged passages and percentage of flagged content

To switch views between number of flagged passages and percentage of flagged content, in the top-right corner, click Passage view Passage view or Percentage view Percentage view.  

View the percentage of flagged content

The percentage of flagged content shows how much source material a student used. A high percentage of flagged content suggests most of the student’s work isn’t original, while a low percentage suggests a higher amount of original content. For example, if a student’s report shows 5% flagged content, it means most of the work is their own.

Originality report colors

The originality report is classified by color:

  • Green—All content appears to be original. 
  • Yellow—Most content is original, but some content may be derived from the web. The score includes cited and uncited quotes and paraphrases. 
  • Red—Most content appears to be unoriginal. 

Even though Originality reports flags unoriginal content, it’s up to you to decide whether content was used incorrectly.

Review individual passages

Flip through flagged passages

To navigate between flagged passages:

  • In the bottom-right corner, click Back Back or Next Next.
  • In the paper, click a highlighted passage.
  • Navigate with keyboard arrows.

Highlight cited or quoted passages

To highlight cited content, next to Show cited or quoted passages, click Turn on Turn on.

Return to the grading tool

In the top-left corner, click Close Close.

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