Read an originality report on your work

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Originality reports highlight passages from the internet in your work. The reports help you to properly cite sources before you turn in your assignment.

If your teacher turned on originality reports for an assignment, you can run up to 3 reports to check your work. 

Open a report

  1. Go to your learning management system (LMS). 
  2. Click the course. 
  3. Click the assignmentand thenView assignment.
  4. Choose an option:
    • To run a new originality report, on the right, click Run.
    • To open an existing originality report, on the right, click View originality report.

Review flagged passages

Flagged passages highlight text from the internet that you didn't cite or quote. Review each flagged passage and add your source citations. To show or hide cited or quoted text in the results, next to # cited or quoted passages, click the switch On "".

To review flagged passages:

  1. Click Web matches.
  2. At the bottom, click Next Next or Back Back to scroll through the passages.
  3. (Optional) To see the match for a specific passage, in the document, click a highlighted passage.
  4. Click Back "" to go back to the summary.

View number or percentage of flagged passages

You can use the percentage of flagged content to review how much source material you used. For example, if your report shows 5% flagged content, it means 5% of your document matches source material that wasn’t cited or quoted.

 To switch views between the number of flagged passages and the percentage of flagged content, click Count or %.

Edit your work

To edit your work, at the bottom of the originality report, click Edit
Any edits you make don't show in the report until you run a new one.

Print or save the report

  1. Open the assignmentand thenclick View originality report.
  2. At the top, click Print "" and choose an option:
    • Save as a PDF
    • Save to your Google Drive
    • Print the report

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