Copy a class

This article is for teachers.

To save time, you can copy a class you’ll teach again. Your classwork and your grading system copy to the new class. Items specific to the original class, such as posts to the Stream page, don’t copy.

Only teachers and co-teachers can copy a class. The teacher who copies the class becomes the primary owner of the copied class.

You can copy active and archived classes. Copies of archived classes become active classes.

Items that copy

The copied class keeps this information from the original class:

  • Title
  • Section
  • Description
  • Course subject
  • Topics
  • Classwork posts (copied as drafts with no scheduled date)
  • Your grading system

Items that don't copy

The following information doesn’t transfer to the copied class:

  • Teacher announcements
  • Deleted classwork items
  • Students and co-teachers
  • Student posts
  • Attachments that you don’t have permission to copy

Classroom might take a while to copy your class. In the meantime, you can leave the page during the copying process to complete other work. When copying is complete, you’ll get a notification email. 

Copy a class

  1. Go to and click Sign In.

    Sign in with your Google Account. For example, or you@gmail.comLearn more.

  2. On the class you want to copy, click More and then Copy.
    Note: If you don’t see Copy, you’re not a teacher in the class.
    Click Copy
  3. (Optional) Edit the title and other information.
    Enter class name
  4. Click Copy.

Note: In the new class, the copied assignments and questions save as drafts.

Copy a class FAQ

What copies to the Stream page?

Items that copy:

  • The class name
  • The section
  • The subject

Items that don't copy:

  • The room number
  • The class code
  • Posts and comments

What copies to the Classwork page?

Classwork, such as assignments, copies as drafts to the new class. Attachments copy if you have permission to copy the files.
Items that copy:
  • Topics
  • Assignments, quiz assignments, questions, and their attachments
  • Rubrics added to assignments
  • Materials and their attachments

Items that don't copy:

  • Files or attachments you don’t have permission to copy

What copies to the Grades page?

In the new class, the Grades page is blank until you add students and post classwork, such as an assignment or question.
Items that copy:
  • Classwork posts, such as assignments or questions
  • Your grading system 
  • Your grade categories

Items that don't copy:

  • Students and their grades

What copies to the People page?

People that transfer:
  • The primary teacher
People that don’t transfer:
  • Co-teachers
  • Students

What copies to the Settings page?

Settings that copy:
  • All Class details, except the room number
  • All Grading settings, including your grade calculation settings and your grade categories
Settings that don’t copy:
  • The General settings—They return to their default settings. 
  • The class code—A new code is created for the new class.

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