Get a single view of a student's work

Want to assess a student’s overall performance in your class? You can see a list of an individual student’s assignments, grades, and missing work all in one place. If you want, you can also filter their work by status—turned in, returned with grade, or missing.

Single view of student work

  1. Sign in to Classroom with your Google Account.

    For example, or you@gmail.comLearn more.

  2. Click the class and choose an option:
    • At the top, click Students and then click a student's name.
      Student work
    • Click an assignment or a question and on the left, click a student’s name. Then, on the right, click their name again.
      Student work

    Note: You can’t view the work of a student who hasn’t joined the class.

  3. On this page, you can see:
    • The list of the student’s assigned work for the class—assignments, questions, or quizzes—with the due date, if there is one.
    • Whether the work is assigned, turned in, done late, or missing.
    • The student’s grades for work that’s been graded.
    • If the student attached any files. You’ll see File File and the number of attachments next to the work.
    • If the student sent you a private comment. You’ll see Comment Comment next to the work.
  4. (Optional) To see attachments, comments, answers, or any additional details of an assignment or question, click the work.
  5. (Optional) To filter the student’s work, under Filters, click Turned in, Returned with grade, or Missing.
    Student work filter
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