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This article is for teachers.

You can reuse an announcement, assignment, or question from a class. When you reuse a post, you can:

  • Use it in the original class or in a different class.
  • Make copies of any attachments, including rubrics, or add new ones.
  • Modify the post before you publish it.

Before you begin

  • If the post was originally sent to individual students, the post defaults to all students when you reuse it, but you can select individual students again if you want. Learn more
  • You can’t post to individual students across multiple classes. Posts to multiple classes are shared with all students in the classes.
  • If your reused post has a rubric, you can edit the rubric in your new assignment. Your edits don’t affect the rubric in the original assignment. 
  • You can reuse assignments with rubrics on the web and mobile versions of Classroom.
  • On the web version of Classroom, you can edit the rubric in the new assignment. Your edits don't affect the original assignment. Learn more

Reuse an announcement, assignment, question, or materials  

  1. Tap Classroom .
  2. Tap the class and choose an option:
    • To reuse an announcement on the Stream page, in the Share with your class box, tap Reuse post .
    • To reuse an assignment, question, or materials, tap Classworkand thenAdd Addand thenReuse post
  3. Tap the class that has the post you want to reuse.
  4. Tap the post.
  5. (Optional) To create new copies of all the original attachments, tap Create. Those copies can be found in the Drive folder of the new class.
  6. (Optional) Change any information. Add or delete any attachments.
  7. Choose an option:
    • To send the post, tap Post .
    • To schedule or delete the draft, tap More and select the option you want. 

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