Set up your student notifications

You can receive an email and mobile notification from Classroom whenever:

  • A teacher invites you to a new class.
  • A teacher creates a new assignment, question, or announcement.
  • A teacher grades or returns work.
  • Anyone comments on your post or mentions you in a post or comment.
  • A teacher sends you a private note.
  • You have unsubmitted work that's due within 24 hours.

Notifications are on by default and you can specify which notifications you want to receive.

Customize your notifications
  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.
  2. At the top, tap Menu Menu.

    Tap Menu

  3. Scroll down and tap Settings.

    Tap Settings

  4. (Optional) To turn off email notifications, at Send email notifications, tap Turn off Turn off.
  5. (Optional) To have your device vibrate when you receive a notification, tap Vibration.
  6. (Optional) To have your device make a sound when you receive a notification, tap Sound.
  7. Tap any notification to turn it on or off.

    Granular notfications

  8. (Optional) To turn off all device notifications, at Device notifications, tap Turn off Turn off.
View your notifications

If you have any unread notifications, you’ll see a red circle on the app Menu Menu.

  1. Tap Classroom Classroom.

  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Notifications.

    Tap Notifications

  3. (Optional) To see only unread notifications, tap All and then Unread.
  4. (Optional) To see all notifications, tap Unread and then All.
  5. Swipe the notification across the screen to delete it.

Note: Learn more about how to organize Classroom notifications in your email inbox by creating rules to filter your emails.

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