Email your students, co-teachers, or guardians

This page is for teachers. Students go here.

You can send an email to your students, co-teachers, and guardians from Classroom using your Classroom account.

Before you begin

  • To email students, your administrator needs to turn on Gmail for you and your students.
  • For your students to send email in Classroom, the Gmail and Directory services must be turned on for students. For help, contact your Google Workspace administrator.
  • You can email to up to 100 recipients at once. If a class has more than 100 students, you’ll need to email some students first and then send the message again to the remaining students.
  • You can only email one class at a time. To send a message to multiple classes at once, post an announcement to multiple classes.
  • Guardians don’t need a Gmail account for you to send them an email from Classroom.

Send an email

Before you begin: Install the Gmail app.

  1. Tap Classroom "".
  2. Tap the classand thenPeople "".
  3. Choose an option:
    • To email a student, next to the student's name, tap More ""and thenEmail student.
    • To email a co-teacher, next to the teacher's name,  tap More ""and thenEmail.
    • To email a guardian, next to the student's name,  tap More ""and thenEmail guardians.
    • To email all guardians, next to Students tap More ""and thenEmail all guardians.
      Tip: All guardians are added to BCC when an email is sent to all guardians. 
  4. Enter a subject for your message.
  5. (Optional) To attach files, photos, or links to your messages, go to Send attachments with your Gmail message.
  6. Enter your message and tap Post "".

View an email

You can’t see or get emails in the Classroom app. To view sent or received emails on your mobile device, open the Gmail app "" and sign in with your Classroom account.

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