Disconnect your phone number from Google Duo

If you’ve connected your phone number to any Google service, you may automatically be registered with  products, like Google Duo. See which Google services you're connected to, and if you want, disconnect your phone number.

Disconnect your phone number

After you disconnect your phone number, you'll need to register it again to use Duo.

  • During set-up: Tap Unregister and then ​ Unregister.
  • After set-up: Tap MoreMore and then Settings and then Unregister phone number and then Unregister.

For Android phones with app preview messages on: Even though you unregister your phone number with Duo, you may still receive chats from messaging apps unless you turn off app preview messages.

Important: After you unregister your phone number, any blocked phone numbers won’t be blocked anymore.


Remove your phone number from other Google services

To unregister your phone number from other Google services, learn how to disconnect it from each service.

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