Campaign type column

Indicates the type of campaign: manual, Shopping, mobile app install, or inventory - PLA.

  • Manual: You create the ad groups, keywords, and text ads that DoubleClick Search (DS) traffics to an engine, or you use an inventory plan to generate the campaign.
  • Shopping: Shopping campaigns use data about products in a Merchant Center inventory feed to generate product listing ads and product groups. These campaigns are available only in AdWords engine accounts.
  • Mobile app install: “Mobile app installs” is a special type of AdWords campaign that focuses on getting people to download your app.
  • Inventory - PLA: PLA campaigns have been replaced by AdWords Shopping campaigns. From DS, you can still see historical metrics that were attributed to your PLA campaigns before the upgrade to Shopping campaigns.
Add this column to a report
  1. Navigate to an advertiser or engine account.
    Steps for navigating to an advertiser
    1. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    2. In the Agency list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    3. In the Advertiser list, click on the advertiser.

    4. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    DoubleClick Search displays the advertiser page, which contains data for all of the advertiser’s engine accounts.

  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the Columns button above the performance summary graph.
  4. Next to Available columns, type the column name in the search box and press the Enter key.
  5. Click + next to the column name in the Available columns list.
  6. Click Apply.
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