About Executive Reporting

When it's time to present performance metrics to your clients or executives, instead of manually downloading detailed data and distilling it into useful summaries, create an executive report in DoubleClick Search (DS). A DS executive report displays your DS metrics in terms of revenue, costs, trends, and other high-level concepts, all formatted as charts and tables. You can share a link to the report, or download it for printing and sharing.

You can scope your report to contain data from multiple agencies, advertisers, and accounts, or just specific agencies, advertisers, and accounts.

Executive reports display only performance metrics for supported supported search engine accounts. They do not display attributes, such as keyword text, ad copy, or cost-per-click settings.

For example, use executive reports to show:

  • Week-over-week trends.

    Executive report chart that shows week over week trends
  • Multiple metrics on one chart.

    Executive report bar chart with two metrics
  • Tables with aggregated data.

    Executive report table that displays aggregated data and Totals row

    Tables do not include a segment if every metric is zero. For example, in the preceding table, the Other engines segment would not be included in the table if the clicks, impressions, and revenue metrics for every time period were zero.

Share your report

When you're ready to share your report with clients, executives, or other people who do not use DoubleClick Search (DS), you can send them a link to the report or you can send the downloaded report.

Within DS, your report is visible to DS users who have permission to view all of the objects in your report. For example, if you create a report for all accounts and campaigns in the Gizmos agency, any DS user with access to the Gizmo agency can see your report.

In the example above, a DS user who has access only to some Gizmo accounts will not be able to see your report. Users need permission to view all of the objects in your report, or they won’t be able to see the report in DS.

Having trouble accessing executive reports?

While DoubleClick Search supports Internet Explorer, we recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox with DS. Please note that we only support the latest version of your browser. If you're having problems accessing DS, downloading reports, or accessing executive reports, check your browser extensions to make sure they're not blocking access. Also check your ad blocker because it might block certain DS features.

Use pages to organize your report

For reports with more than a few charts or tables, consider creating multiple report pages and adding thematically similar charts on each page. When you download a report and open it, each page will be a separate sheet.

Which file formats are available?

For viewing and printing downloaded reports, the .xlsx and PDF file formats are supported.

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