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Download an executive report

You can download an executive report from the report manager or when viewing the report on the web. The available file formats for viewing and downloading the reports are:

  • Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx) 
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

View reports in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

When you open a report in the .xlsx format, you'll see a spreadsheet with one tab for each page in the report. These tabs contain the charts that were created in Search Ads 360. The spreadsheet contains one additional tab named (Data) which contains the data that is represented in the charts. You can modify the data on this tab, and the corresponding chart will update as well.

Oceanic Air example report with two charts opened in Microsoft Excel


View reports in PDF

When you open a report in the PDF format, the charts and tables are narrower than when you view the report on the web.

Executive report (web view) chart (left) next to same chart (right) in PDF format.  Web view chart is wider than chart in PDF which includes legend to the right of the chart.


This article includes the steps for downloading a report using the report viewer. For information about viewing and downloading a report on the web, see View full reports on the web.


To download a report using the report viewer

  1. Open an existing report:

    1. From the top navigation bar in Search Ads 360, click Executive Reports.

    2. Click on a report title.

  2. Specify the report's end date in View report ending on, which appears near the top of the page. The downloaded report will contain data up to the date you specify.

    Relative time ranges, such as Last 7 days, start from the specified date.

  3. Click Generate report.
    Search Ads 360 displays the report manager and adds a row to the list of generated reports.

    Report manager table that lists four reports. First report in table selected.

    The  (the Ready icon), indicates that you can download the report.

  4. Select the report, click the Download button, and then click Excel (.xlsx) or PDF (pdf).

The report downloads to your browser’s download folder. The filename is based on the report title and the date on which the report was generated.

If you filter or segment by labels applied at the campaign level, reports that you download and full reports that you view on the web will contain metrics for Shopping campaigns and impression share.

View the download history of a report

  1. Open an existing report:

    1. From the top navigation bar in Search Ads 360, click Executive Reports.

    2. Click on a report title.

  2. Click Manage and schedule reports in the top button bar.

    The report manager table lists contains one row for each time you have generated the report.

  3. To clear items from the report manager history, select entries in the table and then click Remove.
    Search Ads 360 removes the selected entries from the table.

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