See a summary of stats by AdWords network

DoubleClick Search report tables in the UI include totals rows that break out data by Google AdWords network:

DoubleClick Search does not currently break out visit and conversion stats by network for Bing Ads. Therefore, to avoid the confusion caused by splitting Bing Ads visit, conversion, and engine data, we will only display the Total - all networks column for Bing Ads. This applies to all UI tables not scoped to Google AdWords, including Yahoo! Search Marketing and Other engines.
  • Total - all networks: All data.
  • Total - search: Data on the Google Search Network.
  • Total - display: Data on the Google Display Network.
  • Total - other: Unattributed data from DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). This is conversion data that DS receives from DCM but can’t attribute to the Search or Display network.

These totals rows:

  • Appear at the bottom in reporting tables in the UI, and they only appear if they contain any non-zero stats.
  • Do not appear in downloaded reports. Keyword-level display data will be summed up on Display Network Stats rows.