Upload tips and tricks

Navigating and filling out DoubleClick Search upload files can seem a bit tricky at first. To make sure you avoid errors for a fast and efficient upload, we recommend the following:

  • Use guidelines in column headers to ensure you're filling out the necessary information for the right engine.
    Hover over the column headers to determine which fields are optional or required for a specific engine, and review suggestions on how to fill those fields.

  • Follow structure hierarchy when uploading new campaigns
    All campaigns> All ad groups> Ads > Keywords

  • Case sensitivity applies to campaigns and ad groups.
    A campaign titled Cars will be read differently than cars.

  • Keywords
    • Default to lowercase. The keyword Shoes will be read the same as the keyword shoes.
    • Plurals and variations are considered duplicates by Bing Ads editorial rules. Plurals are acceptable for Google AdWords.
  • Keep limits in mind.
    Each engine has its own campaign and keyword limits that are not determined by DoubleClick Search. Check with your engine representative to confirm campaign and keyword limits.

  • You can remove bid strategies or URL parameters from keywords in bulk.
    For example, enter remove_content in the Bid strategy column to remove a bid strategy from a keyword.

  • Download error sheets to review and troubleshoot failed tasks.
    Errors will be highlighted in pink and denoted with a red exclamation point.

  • Remove unnecessary columns.
    Make upload files more manageable by removing unnecessary and non-required columns.
    You must keep Row A, B, and the ID of any object you're changing.

  • If you include and set the Status column, the setting (Active, Paused, or Removed) may be ignored on upload if it conflicts the Action column setting. For example,

    Status column Action column Status when uploaded
    Paused Resume Active
    Active Pause Paused


  • Commit one row of the upload file to ONE search engine.

  • When making changes to existing campaigns, download a file using Editable columns and then re-upload to avoid errors.

  • Use Advertiser- and Agency-level reports with editable columns as your upload templates for uploading across multiple engine accounts and advertisers, respectively.
    If you’re making multiple engine account changes, organize the upload file so all of the changes for each engine account are consecutive.

  • If you’re having trouble uploading while using Internet Explorer, try uploading with another browser.

If you have any questions on these tips, or run into errors after using them, contact your DS Support Representative or email ds-support@google.com for additional assistance.

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