View the status and history of your uploads

After you start an upload, the Uploads list displays information on the status of your upload. It also displays a history of other uploads. The Uploads list use the following columns to report status:

  • Filename: Click a link in this column to download the original upload file.

  • Engine account: Intended destination of the upload file.

  • Uploaded: Date and time that you initiated the upload.

  • Who: Your email address (or if someone else initiated the upload, the email address of the person who initiated the upload).

  • Status: The stage of the processing cycle for the upload as a whole:

    • Processing: Upload is in the process of being booked on DS or sent to the engine.
    • Completed: Upload to DS and the engine is done, and there were no errors. You'll see the updates throughout the DS UI.
    • Completed with errors: Upload to DS and the engine is done, but there were some errors. Look at the Results column for more information.
  • Results: Includes real-time status updates, from processing in DS to items sent to the engine.

    • When you start an upload, the Processing row line will tell you how many rows of the upload DS has analyzed.
    • When the DS processing phase is complete, it will display the number of rows that were Booked on DS, as well as the number of Failed rows.
    • DS will then attempt to send the booked items to the engine. DS will display Sent to engine, or the number of items that successfully made it to the engine, as well as the Failed items.
    • When you click Download error sheet to see the changes that encountered errors, DS will also include trafficking error messages. This provides even more data to help you troubleshoot upload issues.


Why do the numbers in Booked on DS and Sent to engine not match?

In the Results column, Booked on DS indicates the number of rows that DS has processed, while Sent to engine indicates the number of items that successfully made it to the engine. It is normal for these numbers to differ because the number of rows in an upload file do not necessarily correspond 1-to-1 with the items that DS traffics to the engine. Here are some examples of when the numbers won't match:

Action and rows in DS Action and items on engine
Create a campaign: 1 row Create a campaign and target group: 2 items
Create an ad group: 1 row Create an ad group and placeholder content keyword: 2 items
Create an ad group and 10 keywords: 11 rows If the ad group creation fails on the engine: 0 of 11 items trafficked, 1 failure
Edit a keyword: 1 row Delete old the keyword, create a new keyword: 2 items
Edit an ad title: 1 row

Note that this also applies to an ad's Ad desc1, Ad desc 2, and Ad display URL properties. That is, if you edit any of these properties in DS, the engine deletes the current property and creates a new property for the ad. Booked on DS will report that only one row was processed, but Sent to engine will report two actions for each property that you edit.

Delete the old ad title, create a new ad title: 2 items