Google Drive offer for new Panasonic Lumix digital cameras

If you buy and register a new Panasonic Lumix digital camera before September 30, 2016, you might be eligible for 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive for 2 years.

Claim your free Drive storage

  1. Follow the instructions that came with your camera to receive your ID number and choose a password.
  2. Sign in to the Panasonic Lumix Club from a smartphone, tablet, or computer using the password and ID from your camera.
  3. Select Web service link settings.
  4. In the “Google Drive” section, click or tap the Register button. When prompted, enter your Google Account information.
  5. Select Issue Coupon. If you don’t see this option, that means you’re not eligible to receive this offer.
  6. Follow the prompts to claim your free storage.

(Optional) See your Google Account’s new storage limit. The additional 100 GB may not appear right away.

If you have trouble with any of these steps, contact Panasonic.

Frequently asked questions

Which Panasonic digital cameras are eligible for this offer?

These brand new Lumix models are eligible (they can’t be used or refurbished):

  • DMC-G7 / DMC-G70
  • DMC-GF7
  • DMC-GF8
  • DMC- GH4 (above firmware Ver. 2.5)
  • DMC-GX8
  • DMC-TZ70 / DMC-TZ71 / DMC-ZS50
  • DMC-TZ80 / DMC-TZ81 / DMC-TZ85 / DMC-ZS60 (New)
  • DMC-TZ100 / DMC-TZ101 / DMC-TZ110 / DMC-TX1 / DMC-ZS100 / DMC-ZS110
  • DMC-FZ300 / DMC-FZ330
  • DMC-CM1
  • DMC-CM10

You can find the model number on the bottom of your camera.

If I buy multiple eligible cameras, can I redeem the offer more than once?
You can redeem one offer per Lumix camera on your Google Account per year. For example, if you redeem an offer today, you could redeem another offer a year from now with an eligible camera.
When does this offer expire?

The offer is valid through September 30, 2016.

What happens when Google Drive offer ends?​

Your files will stay in your Google Drive. Your storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Learn more about managing your storage, including how to remove items and buy additional storage.

Can I redeem this offer using my enterprise account?

Yes, unless that account uses an unlimited Drive storage plan.

What if I see an error message?

If you see an error on the Google Drive site, here’s what it might mean:

  • Someone has already claimed the offer for your camera. Offers can be redeemed only once per device.
  • Someone has already claimed the offer on your Google Account. Offers can only be redeemed once.
  • The server might temporarily be down or you might not be connected to the Internet. Try again later by following the “Claim your free Drive storage” steps.
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