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Help Center

The help center is your online resource for learning about everything Google Drive has to offer. Help center articles will get you up to speed on topics related to:

  • Google Drive on the web
  • Google Drive for Mac/PC
  • The Google Drive app for smartphones and tablets

Visit or click on the settings menu and select Help.

Troubleshoot & Known Issues

Experiencing technical issues? You can use the troubleshooting section of the help center to find known issues, common errors, and troubleshooting steps.

Help Forum

Have a specific use case that requires personalized guidance? Check out our forum for help from:

  • Product experts who volunteer their time to solve issues
  • Google Drive staff who actively monitor the forum and often chime in to help directly
  • Other community members who often have run into, and solved, similar issues

Visit the help forum to interact with the large and growing community of Google Drive enthusiasts.

Note: At the moment, the forum is not available in all languages.

User Feedback

If you've discovered a new bug or technical issue, report the issue right from Google Drive.

  • For issues with Google Drive on the web:
    1. Click the settings menu .
    2. Click Help.
    3. Click Send feedback.
  • For issues with the Google Drive Android app:
    1. In the top right, click the three vertical dots .
    2. Click Report an issue.
  • For issues with the Google Drive iOS app:
    1. Click the menu icon .
    2. Click the settings menu .
    3. Select Report an issue.

When filling out the Google Feedback form, be as specific as possible. Providing information such as the error message you received or the action you took when the issue occurred will help our team fix your problem faster.

Contact Us

Contact a Drive specialist. For the fastest way to get help, we highly recommend that you call or chat with us. Support is available in English only. If you use Google Drive through work or school, contact your administrator.

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