Security of Google Drive apps

The security of your data in Google Drive is a top priority. In order for a Google Drive app to access files in your Google Drive, you must install and authorize the app.

When you choose to open files with Google Drive apps, these apps may request access to all or individual files in your Google Drive. These permissions will be outlined when you choose to authorize the app.

Control an app’s authorization to access to your files

At any point in time, you can remove an app's access to files in your Google Drive by revoking its access.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Authorizing applications & sites.
  3. Click Revoke access next to the app name.
  4. You'll still be able to access your files in Google Drive, but the app won't be authorized anymore.

File-by-file security

Since Google Drive apps are developed by third parties, it's important for us to show you which apps have access to individual files. For every file in Google Drive, we show you a list of apps that can access the file in the "View authorized apps" dialog.

  1. To view authorized apps for a file, right-click its title in Google Drive on the web.
  2. Select "View authorized apps."
  3. Click the Revoke button to remove an app’s ability to access that file. To re-grant access, just open the file in Google Drive with the app again.

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