Edit a Google document on a mobile browser

Editing text

To edit a document on a mobile browser, open it from your Documents List. Then, press the Edit button in the toolbar at the top of the document. Then, touch the part of the document you want to change, and the mobile device’s keyboard appears.

mobile edit document

We rely on your mobile phone to input text, so depending on the phone you have, you might be able to enter text by speaking.

Copying, pasting, and selecting

You can use the editing tools available on your mobile device for selecting, copying and pasting text when editing your Google documents. For example, you can copy and paste text from Google documents into another phone application and vice versa.

About text formatting

When you edit the text of a document on your mobile browser, you’ll notice that even complex formatting is preserved.

These formatting options won't change when you edit a document on a mobile browser:

  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • Bold, italics, underline
  • Text size
  • Text color
  • Heading styles

Currently, we don’t support web fonts in the mobile browser version of Google documents. Web fonts will be preserved when you open the document on your computer.