Create, move, or delete a folder

Create, move, or delete folders using Google Drive on the web.

Create a folder

To create a folder:

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, click New.
  3. Select Folder.
  4. Enter a folder name.
  5. Click Create.

Your new folder will sync automatically to the Google Drive folder on your desktop unless you choose to sync only certain folders. Changes made to a folder on the web will show up on your desktop and vice versa.

Note: You can’t create folders in the Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps or web home screens at this time. To see your Drive folders on the home screens, go to the top right and click the File picker icon .

Move a folder

There are two ways to move a folder:

  • Right-click on the folder name > select Move to > choose a new folder > Move.
  • Drag a folder to a new location.

Move files into folders shared with you

To move files into a shared folder:

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, click Shared with me.
  3. Click Add to My Drive.
  4. Choose a folder.
  5. Click Move.
Delete a folder

To delete a folder:

  1. Right click a folder.
  2. Click Remove.
  3. The folder and all items in it that you own will be moved to your trash. If you've chosen to sync all items in "My Drive," the folder will be moved to your desktop's trash. If you aren’t the owner of the folder, it will be removed from your view and from "Shared with me."

If you accidentally put a folder in the trash, you can restore your folder.

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