Add or remove something from a folder

You can organize all of your files and Google Docs by moving them into various folders you've created in Google Drive.

Add or remove

Here's how to add or remove something from a folder on Google Drive on the web:

  1. Check the box next to the title of the item you want to add or remove.
  2. Click the Folder icon above your list of items.
  3. To add something to a folder: select the folder where you'd like to move your items.
    To remove something from a folder: deselect the folder where an item is currently stored.
  4. Click Move.

Move files into folders shared with you

To move files into folders that have been shared with you, you'll first need to move those folders to My Drive. Here's how:

  1. Click on Shared with me from the left-hand sidebar. You'll see all the files and folders that have been shared with you.
  2. Find the folders in question. If you don't see the folder or folders immediately, click the Sort button at the upper-right and select Title. The "Shared with me" part of your Drive will be sorted, and folders will appear at the top.
  3. When you've found the folder or folders in question, click and drag each of them into "My Drive" in the left sidebar. Alternatively, check the box next to each folder, click the folder icon at the top of your Drive, and select "My Drive" to move those folders into My Drive.

Now that you've moved these shared folders into My Drive, you can add any files you'd like to those folders.

Tips for using folders

  • Share a folder so you and others can work on files together. When viewing the folder, simply click the share button to give access to the files within your folder to collaborators. Once a collaborator has been given access, their icon, appearing as a circle, will show up to the left of the share button.

  • Seeing people in the file you don’t recognize? Users with "Can edit" access can grant access to additional users and you can track activity of the folder to see exactly who has access.
  • To add something to more than one folder, hold the Ctrl key (⌘ command for Mac) and select multiple folders.
When you sync a folder to the Google Drive folder on your computer, changes made to a folder online will be reflected on your computer and vice versa. If you remove a file from a shared folder, collaborators with access to the folder but not the individual file will no longer be able to see the item in their Google Drive.