Open source components and licenses

Included Software and Licenses

The following Open Source Software is distributed and is provided under other licenses and/or has source available from other locations.

Package name License
SQLite Public domain
Google Data Python client library Apache License 2.0
pySqlite2 The zlib/libpng License
wxPython wxWindows Library License, Version 3.1
PyObjC MIT license
python-gflags BSD License
psutil BSD License
Boost Boost software license
curl MIT/X derivative license
Expat MIT-style
International Components for Unicode MIT/BSD
JQuery MIT
libunwind MIT
BoringSSL BoringSSL License
UTF-8 Library Lucent Public License 1.02
zlib MIT-style
Dokany LGPL
Chromium Breakpad Breakpad License
Chromium CrashPad Apache 2.0
Mini Chromium BSD
Mozilla Top Level Domain List MPL 2.0
Boost Boost software license
pywin32 PSF
python-keyring PSF
apiclient MIT
uritemplate Apache 2.0
futures BSD
decorator BSD
enum34 BSD
httplib2 MIT
pathlib MIT
oauth2client Apache 2.0
yappi MIT
biplist BSD
python2.7 PSF
comtypes MIT License
pybind11 BSD 3-Clause License
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