Collaborate on documents in a mobile browser

In a mobile browser, you can share your docs and collaborate with others -- whether they’re using a computer or another mobile device.

How to share

To share, select one or more docs from your mobile Documents List, press the Share button, and select the Share... option. You can also Get the link to share for public or unlisted docs, or e-mail a doc as an attachment.

All of the sharing and visibility settings on your mobile device are exactly the same as they are on your computer.

How to collaborate

In your mobile browser

We’ll automatically take care of keeping your document up-to-date. You can keep an eye on the status of changes from the menu above the editing space.

Here we’ll tell you if and when a collaborator last made changes.

collaborator changes

Your document will automatically refresh as your collaborator makes changes, but you can also press the Refresh button on the menu bar.

Similarly, when you’ve made changes, we’ll automatically save them to your document as you add them.

automatically save

But you can also save by pressing the Save button.

On your computer

When you're working in the desktop version of Google documents, you can also continue to collaborate with people who may be using a mobile device to access a document.

However, unlike other desktop collaborators, you will not see mobile collaborators in the chat window. Also, when mobile collaborators add text, you will not see the presence of their cursor, though their text will be added in real-time.

The other collaborative components of Google documents, such as revision history, will function as usual.