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Type Price Learn more
Yearly registration $80 USD Buy a domain
Fee to restore an expired or removed domain $40 USD Restore a domain
Terms and restrictions
Terms and restrictions Details Learn more
Registrar of record Google Domains Understand your registrar of record
Registry Big Room Inc. About registries
ccTLD No Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) are generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state or dependent territory.

.ECO domains are open to persons that are committed to the environment. All registered .ECO domain names will remain inactive until registrants affirm their eligibility when completing their Eco Profile.

.ECO registrants are also required to display environmental community-related content on and use their .ECO domain names in a manner that supports environmental goals, values and interests. Summary of restrictions.

Registry Terms of Service
Registration information Terms Learn more
Maximum registration period 10 years This is the maximum number of years that you can manually add to your domain registration.
Transfer purchase requirement One year About domain transfers to Google Domains
Transfer authorisation required No This indicates if the current registrant requires authorisation to complete a transfer. If so, the current registrant receives a verification email.
Auto-renew timing versus Expiry date Zero days If you have auto-renew turned on, this is the number of days before or after your registration expires that Google Domains attempts to process an auto-renew payment.
Auto-renew grace period 15 days When you enable auto-renew, this is the number of days after your registration expires that you have to update your payment method until your service is disrupted.
Expiry disruption period Zero days If you don't have auto-renew turned on and your registration expires, you'll have a certain number of days before your service is disrupted.
Renewal grace period 30 days

When your domain expires, you have a certain number of days to renew the domain for another year.

For more details about price, go to the price section above.

Restoration grace period 30 days

After the renewal grace period, you have a certain number of days to restore the domain for another year. After that time, it becomes available to the public for registration.

For more details about price, go to the price section above.

Availability wait period 35 days When a domain is deleted, you must wait a certain number of days before the domain is available to the public for registration.
Privacy information
Privacy information Details Learn more
Privacy protection allowed Yes About privacy protection
Privacy protection provider Contact Privacy Privacy policy
Domain name system (DNS) information
DNS information Details Learn more
Domain name supports non-ASCII characters (for example, À, É, Î or グ) No IANA Repository of IDN Practices
Number of characters in a domain name 2–63 The domain name characters can be letters, numbers or a combination of both. The character length applies only to the domain name, and doesn't include the domain ending, such as .com and .net.
Number of name servers 2–12 Manage domain name servers
Supports Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Yes Setting up DNSSEC
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