Transfer ownership of a deceased user's domain

You can request ownership of a domain of a user who has passed away.

We know that many people pass away without leaving clear instructions about how to manage their online accounts, including domain ownership. We can work with immediate family members and representatives to transfer the domain ownership of a deceased person where appropriate.

Important: Our goal is to keep people's information as secure, safe and private as possible. We can't provide passwords or other sign-in details.

Before you start

Make sure that you have copies of:

  • Your government-issued ID or driving licence
  • The death certificate of the deceased person

Submit a request to transfer ownership

Note: If the transfer is successful, it'll also affect the management of products that are attached to the domain, such as G Suite.

  1. Open this form to obtain data.
  2. Click Obtain data from a deceased user's account.
  3. Fill in the required fields.
    • Under 'My request is about the following product(s)', click Other.
    • Under 'Additional comments', enter the domains that you want to transfer. 
  4. Scan and upload your government-issued ID and the current domain owner's death certificate.
  5. Click Submit.

After you submit the form, we'll ask you for a court order for the domain transfer via email. When your documentation is verified, we'll proceed with the domain ownership transfer and send you a message when the process is complete.

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