Get an SSL certificate for your domain

You can obtain an SSL certificate for your site by:

Using a web host with SSL Security.

A number of web hosts provide SSL certificates and automatically configure webservers to support HTTPS connections.

Use a Google website that provides SSL security for free.

Google provides SSL security for the sites hosted on the following Google products for free. 

Google My Business

You can create a site through Google My Business and integrate it with your secure namespace domain.


You can set up a custom domain name for Blogger to satisfy the security requirements of a domain in a secure namespace (.app)

  • You must use blogger as the primary site for the domain. Do not use the web forwarding or subdomain forwarding features to redirect your domain or a subdomain to the blog. 
  • If you already own the domain, follow the instructions in “Integrate with Blogger” 
  • If you already have a blog and want to add a secure domain, you can purchase it directly from the Blogger settings screen. See “Set up a custom domain” in the blogger help center

Use one of our partner web hosts.

Google’s web host partners can provide security at a variety of prices, starting from no additional cost. 

  • Bluehost (WordPress)  
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Wix

See “Web presence” 

You can also integrate your domain with any other web host that provides SSL security. See “Map your domain to a third-party web host” for a instructions on integrating your domain with several popular web hosts. Read your web host’s help center to make sure it provides SSL.

Getting an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA)

You can obtain an SSL certificate for your domain directly from a CA. You will then have to configure the certificate on your web host or on your own servers if hosting it yourself. 

You can get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a popular CA that provides certificates in the interest of creating a safer Internet:

More help on configuring HTTPS

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