Contact support

The Google Domains help center is always available for you. In addition, you can speak with a support agent by chat, phone, or email.

To contact support:

  1. Click Help at the bottom of the Google Domains screen.

  2. Scroll down in the help display and click Support Options below the list of articles.

    Or follow this link to go directly to the Contact us page:

  3. Choose Chat, Call, or Email.
    • If you choose Chat, a box will pop up showing your place in the queue, and your chat session will start shortly.

    • In the Call Us or Email Us pop-up dialog, enter your name, phone number if asked, and a brief summary of the issue. This helps the support agent be prepared to answer your question.

  4. Click Generate PIN to create a support PIN. The support PIN is a code that will briefly grant the support agent access to your account without exposing your login or password. Support PINs are only valid for 15 minutes.

    You can generate another pin at any time by clicking the Contact us link at the bottom of the Google Domains screen

    Chat: Your chat session with one of our support agents will begin shortly.

    Phone: You will receive a phone call from our support center shortly.

    Email: You will receive an automated acknowledgement by email almost immediately. An emailed response to your issue will follow shortly.

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