WHOIS is an Internet protocol that is used to query databases for information about domains.

A WHOIS database is a publicly accessible database that stores information about domains, including the domain registrants and registrars, creation and expiration dates, and name servers.

You can query a WHOIS database by performing a WHOIS lookup.

Perform a WHOIS lookup

The information stored in a WHOIS database can be accessed by anyone who queries the database using the WHOIS protocol. This type of query is commonly referred to as a WHOIS lookup. A WHOIS lookup will return contact information for the registrar, registrant, admin, and technical representatives.

You can perform a WHOIS lookup in Google Domains:

  1. Search for the domain.

    If it is not available, you can perform a WHOIS lookup on the name.

  2. Click the WHOIS information button next to the domain name in the search results.

  3. The WHOIS lookup results will display in a moment.
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