RIGHTB function

The RIGHTB function returns the right portion of a string up to a certain number of bytes.

Parts of a RIGHTB function

RIGHTB(string, num_of_bytes)

Part Description
string The string from which the right portion will be returned.
num_of_bytes (Optional) The number of bytes to return from the right side of `string`.


  • RIGHTB returns the same value as RIGHT if the input string has only single byte characters
  • num_of_bytes must be greater than or equal to zero.
  • If num_of_bytes is greater than the length of text in bytes, RIGHTB returns all of text.
  • If num_of_bytes is omitted, it is assumed to be 1.


  A B C
1 Input Formula Output
2 Aeñ =RIGHTB(A2, 2)
3 Aeñ =RIGHT(A3,2)
4 熊本 =RIGHTB(A4, 2)
5 熊本 =RIGHT(A5,2) 熊本

Related functions

  • MIDB:The MIDB function returns a section of a string starting at a given character and up to a specified number of bytes.
  • LEFTB: The LEFTB function returns the left portion of a string up to a certain number of bytes.
  • LENB: The LENB function returns the length of a string in bytes.
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