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June 2023

Alternative text

Alternative text for images, drawings, and other graphics provides an audio description of what’s on screen for people who use screen readers.

Otherwise, a user only hears the word "image" and could miss any relevant visual details. Learn more about alternative text.

Use line numbers in Google Docs
The line numbers feature in Google Docs automatically calculates and displays the line position for a chosen portion of a document. Learn more about line numbers.

April 2023

React to comments with emojis
You can add emoji reactions to comments or highlighted content in Google Docs. Learn how to use comments, action items, and emoji reactions.
Insert third-party smart chips
Turn URLs from select applications into smart chips that display extra information. Learn how to insert third-party smart chips from other applications.

March 2023

Edit table of contents
Update your table of contents or change the format. Add a title, heading, or table of contents in a document.
Search comments with keywords
Find a comment and its location with keywords or email addresses. Learn how to use comments, action items, and emoji reactions.

January 2023

Show or hide non-printing characters
Use non-printing characters to find how your document is formatted. Non-printing characters are shown in blue and let you find where your document has breaks, tabs, or spaces. Learn how to view document outlines, summaries, rulers and non-printing characters.
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