Add items with the @ menu

You can use the @ menu to link to people, files, and events, and add items to a Google Doc.

With the @ menu, you can add:

  • Smart chips that show information and suggested actions for people, places, files, events.
  • Building blocks, including:
    • Email drafts and meeting notes
    • Table templates for tracking projects, files, and more
  • Other elements to your doc, including:
    • Dropdowns, checklists, numbered lists, and bulleted lists
    • Images, tables, and charts
    • Text headings and hyperlinks

Use the @ menu

  1. On your computer, open a document in Google Docs.
  2. Type "@".
  3. Select from the list of suggestions.
    1. Tip: To narrow your suggestions, you can type letters, numbers, or symbols after the "@". For example, to insert an email draft into your doc, type “@email” and press Enter.

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