Build data-driven creatives with templates

You can use any of the 3 data-driven creative templates in Display & Video 360 to promote brand awareness. To get started, choose a format, add your brand assets, then customize it for your audiences and goals.

Supported dimensions

Data-driven creative templates support the following ad sizes. Each template is responsive so the ad can be shown in the right size for the placement it's shown in.

  • 160 × 600
  • 250 × 250
  • 300 × 50
  • 300 × 250
  • 300 × 600
  • 320 × 50
  • 320 × 320
  • 320 × 480
  • 336 × 280
  • 728 × 90

Make a data-driven creative from a template

You can build all of Display & Video 360's data-driven creative formats using the Panorama, Cuecard, and Blank Slate templates.

Edit a template to suit your needs

Each format has a corresponding template in Google Web Designer with the same name. To customize a format to fit your advertiser's goals, you can open the corresponding template in Google Web Designer, customize it, then replace the format in your existing creative. Or create your own format from scratch.

Preview data-driven creatives

Because data-driven creatives can have hundreds of variants, there are different preview options for these formats. In the list of creatives, there's no Preview option  next to these creative types. Instead, open the creative in Ad Canvas to preview all variants. To filter and share data-driven creatives, add them to a preview sheet.

About the formats

See demos and learn more about the features and assets for each format below. All assets are optional, so if you don't have the right image for an asset, you can leave it out.

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