Billing reports available by request

The following reports are available by request from the billing team:

Invoice data and revenue reports

Revenue reports show aggregated information on Google Marketing Platform invoicing by line item.

Revenue reports don't show invoice status (paid/unpaid), instead see Statement of account and open invoices below. 

Details in the revenue report

  • Invoice number
  • Billed date
  • Due date
  • Operating unit
  • Customer number
  • Customer name
  • Contract ID
  • Contract name
  • Network ID
  • Network name
  • Advertiser ID
  • Advertiser name
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign name
  • Billing invoice Code
  • Fee name
  • Unit of measure
  • Currency
  • Unit Price
  • Quantity
  • Invoice amount

Request a revenue report

  • Display & Video 360 - email:
  • Search Ads 360 - email:
  • Campaign Manager 360 - email: 

Requests must be separate emails. Including multiples addresses in the to field will cause requests to be routed incorrectly. Responses typically take 48 hours

You'll need to provide:

  • Billing customer number
  • Network/partner IDS
  • Advertiser ID (optional)
  • Campaign ID (optional)

Statement of account and open invoices

A statement of account (SOA) is a report run by the collections team that shows which documents (invoices & credit memos) are open or overdue for an account.

Reports can be run for:

  • Customer IDs (12-digit IDs “Payment Profile” IDs found on each invoice)
  • Billing profile IDs (16-digit IDs)

Details Included in the statement of account

  • Invoice Number
  • Purchase Order (if applicable)
  • Product (s)
  • Billing Account ID (12 digit)
  • Document Type (Invoice, credit memo, debit memo)
  • Date of Generation
  • Due Date
  • Days Overdue
  • Original Amount Due
  • Remaining Amount Due

Request a statement of account

Email: with your payment profile or payment account ID. Statement of account reports can be requested individually, or automated to arrive monthly, by request.

Statement of account in Google Payment Center

Statement of account reports can also be run in Google Payment Center, see Statement of account
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