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Audio metrics are coming soon to Instant Reporting

Audio metrics will soon be available in Instant Reporting, allowing you to see data immediately for your audio campaigns. The metrics available will include: Starts (Audio), Companion Clicks (Audio), Completed Listens (Audio), First Quartile (Audio), Midpoint (Audio), and Third Quartile (Audio).

Direct upload of companions during audio creative creation coming soon

You’ll soon be able to upload image or non-responsive HTML5 companion assets directly within the workflow for setting up a new audio creative (previously these had to be uploaded beforehand). When you add a companion, Display & Video 360 will also save the asset as its own creative in your advertiser so that it can easily be trafficked as its own display creative. This streamlined workflow will save you time when creating audio creatives by removing the current step of setting up the companion as its own creative and then assigning it to an audio creative.

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