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See what's coming to Display & Video 360 over the next few weeks

New user role coming soon for agencies and partners to give access to their clients

A new user role will be added soon that allows agencies and partners to give their clients access to Display & Video 360. Users with the new “Partner client” role will not be able to view details related to linked partners or advertisers, billable cost, or platform fees.

The maximum reporting window for in-line stats is changing to 2 years

In order to align with the ranges available in Display & Video 360 reporting, the maximum reporting window for in-line stats is changing from the lifetime of an item to 2 years. When you’re looking at in-line stats for campaigns, insertion orders, line items, etc., the maximum time frame you’ll see in the date range for data is 2 years.

Preview the new version of the advertiser Basic details tab

You’ll soon be able to preview a new version of the Basic details tab of your Display & Video 360 advertiser from the Basic details (beta) tab. This updated version will replace the existing Basic details tab. The new version features a refreshed look and feel and clearer descriptions of each setting.

Explore suggestions from the impression lost chart to improve pacing

You’ll soon be able to easily address pacing issues by exploring suggestions via the impression lost chart . After selecting an entire insertion order or a few line items, you’ll be able to click “Explore” from the chart and see available suggestions to help reduce impression loss. You can apply the suggestions to individual line items or in bulk to quickly modify bid and budget settings to optimize your pacing.

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