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Setup a Gmail line item

Follow these steps to set up a Gmail line item
  1. Start either in an existing insertion order or create a new one.

    Recommended insertion order settings

    • Budget: Impressions budgets are not supported as Gmail billing is engagement-based and not impression-based
    • Optimization
      • Insertion orders should focus on a Cost per Engagement (CPE) goal, allowing you to visualize the performance of your Gmail line items.
      • Gmail line items are currently not compatible with automatic bid optimization and budget allocation settings.
    • Frequency cap: Frequency caps should be set at the Gmail line item level.
  2. Click New line item > Gmail.
  3. In the following page, enter the following information for your Gmail line item:
    • Name for the line item.

      Additionally, you can create your line item as a "Draft" if you don't want it to be eligible to serve once you've saved it here. If you do want it to immediately serve as soon as its start date has occurred, create the line item as "Active".

    • Your line item's targeting. Note that the default targeting set on the insertion order level will not apply to Gmail line items.
    • (Optional) Your line item's flight dates.
    • Your Budget and Pacing settings.
    • Your bid strategy. Bids are set based on a fixed Cost per Engagement (CPE). An Engagement is counted when a user clicks or taps the ad to open up an expanded view.
    • (Optional) The line item's frequency cap.
      Note: Frequency capping for Gmail line items are based on the number of users signed into Gmail.
    • The native site creatives you want to use with this line item. Native app-install and native video creatives are not supported. 
      Note: Creatives are reviewed after your creative is assigned to a Gmail line item. The review process may take up to 24 hours. Your line item will not start serving until the creative has been approved. 
    • (Optional) Select the floodlight activity you want to use to count conversions.
  4. Click Create once you're done.


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