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New maximize conversions bid strategy coming to TrueView for action line items

TrueView for action line items will soon offer a new bid strategy to maximize conversions. This option uses advanced machine learning to automatically set and optimize bids to help get the most TrueView conversions while spending your budget. New TrueView for action line items will default to using maximize conversions as the bid strategy; you can change it to target CPA bidding as needed.

New audience list and page category performance segmentations coming to the Optimization view

The Optimization view will soon contain two new performance segmentations: audience lists and page categories. You’ll be able to use these segments to make faster line item optimization choices to see more efficient performance.

Performance segmentation coming to all views for insertion order and line items

The "segment by" inline reporting currently available within the Optimization view will soon be available in all views, such as Performance and Pacing, for insertion orders and line items. This will allow you to more easily see key metrics for certain dimensions to help aid campaign optimization decisions.

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