Copy creatives

When you want to reuse the same creative with minor changes, you can save time by making a copy.

When you duplicate a creative, the copy:

  • Is the most recent version of the creative, regardless of publish status
  • Keeps the same settings and status as the original (active, paused, draft, archived, or published)
  • Keeps the same dynamic rules and settings as the original (making it easy to quickly copy data-driven strategies)

The copy does not inherit:

  • Line item assignments
  • Change history of the original creative
  • Display & Video 360 status (it will be reset to pending, and creative review won't start until you assign it to an active line item)
Creatives synced from Campaign Manager 360 can't be copied in Display & Video 360. Instead, create a copy of the creative in Campaign Manager 360 and wait for it to sync.

Make a copy of a creative

  1. Go to your advertiser's Creatives list (open your advertiser, then select Creativeand thenCreatives in the left menu).

  2. Select one or more creatives that you want to make copies of.

    • In List view , check the checkbox to the left of the creative.

    • In Gallery view , click the checkmark .

  3. A blue actions menu appears. Click Actionsand thenDuplicate.

  4. If any of the selected creatives has a tracking URL or appended tag, a Bulk copy options window appears.

    1. To remove tracking URLs and appended tags, select Clear all tracking URLs and remove appended tags.

    2. To reuse the same tracking URL and appended tags in the copied creatives, select Copy everything.

    3. Click Continue.

  5. A copy is created with "Copy of" added in front of the original creative's name. For example, if the original creative is called "Corner_300x250", the copy will be called "Copy of Corner_300x250".

Copy creatives with drafts

When you copy a creative, only the most recent update is copied. This means when you copy a published creative with a draft, only the draft version is copied. If you want to copy the published version, first publish or discard the draft.

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