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Target Waze inventory in Display & Video 360

The following steps outline the process for programmatically buying Waze Zero-speed takeover ads in Display & Video 360.

You will need to enable the Waze exchange before you can target inventory from and report on it. Learn more about how to enable the Waze exchange.
  1. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one.
  2. In your insertion order, click New line item.
  3. In the page that opens, select Display.
  4. Under the Public Inventory tab, select Waze. Learn more about Inventory source targeting
  5. (Optional) Click Add targeting to set other line item targeting options. Learn more
    Note that Waze inventory is only available in-app and as a result you should only target mobile app environments.
  6. Configure your line item's settings: 
    • (Optional) Pick custom flight dates or use the same dates as the line item's insertion order.
    • Enter the line item's budget and pacing settings. Display & Video 360 can automatically adjust your line item's budget if you've turned on automatic budget allocation for the line item's insertion order.
    • Set up your bid strategy. Learn more
    • (Optional) Select the line item's frequency cap. Learn more about frequency caps in Display & Video 360.
  7. Assign Native site creatives to your line item. Learn more about Native site creatives and asset specifications
    • Only Native site creatives are supported. Native app-install and Native video creatives are not supported on Waze.
    • The Native site creative should have a main image with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 as square image assets are currently not supported on Waze.
    • Learn more about purchasing native inventory and targeting native impressions.
  8. (Optional) Select the floodlight activity you want to use to count conversions.
  9. Click Create to save your new line item.
Use the Troubleshooter to analyze delivery issues on campaigns targeting Waze. Learn more about using the Troubleshooter

Report on Waze inventory

User interactions with Waze Zero-speed takeover ads are recorded in the following reporting metrics:

  • Impressions: Counted when a Waze Zero-speed takeover ad is shown to the user.
  • Engagements: Counted when the user taps the save-to-inbox action on the Waze Zero-speed takeover ad. To monitor ad engagements, you can create a custom Insertion Order view that includes the Engagement rate metric.
  • Clicks: Counted when user clicks through to the Advertiser landing page.
Note: Viewability measurement is not currently supported. Learn more about metrics and dimensions available in Display & Video 360 reporting.


  • Previewing the ad format is currently not supported in the Native ads preview. Learn more about the Waze Zero-speed takeover ads format
  • The following ad categories are not supported: alcohol, gambling, adult, and politics. Learn more about Google Ads policies
  • You can no longer target Waze inventory in the European Union
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