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Create TrueView for reach line items

TrueView for reach line items help you reach viewers on YouTube and across the web with skippable in-stream ads optimized for efficient impressions. Compared to standard in-stream ads, TrueView for reach ads are optimized to deliver even more impressions at lower CPMs and to drive greater reach or higher frequency based on your line item settings.

TrueView for reach is available for in-stream ads only.

About TrueView for reach

TrueView for reach is unique from standard in-stream based on the bidding option.

Bids for TrueView for reach are set based on target CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Target CPM is a way to bid where you set how much you’re willing to pay every thousand times your ad is shown (this amount is your target CPM). Display & Video 360 will optimize your bids to help get as many impressions as possible using your target CPM amount. Some impressions may cost more or less than your target CPM, but altogether Display & Video 360 will try to keep your line item average CPM equal to or lower than the target CPM you set.

Create a TrueView for reach line item

Creating a TrueView for reach item has a few different steps from a regular YouTube & partners line item.

  1. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one.

  2. In your insertion order, click the New line item button.

  3. In the page that opens, pick YouTube & partners.

  4. In the following page, enter the following information for your line item:

    1. Name for your line item.

    2. Select Reach as the line item type.

    3. The Ad format will be set to in-stream or video discovery.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Targeting section, you'll see that the inventory source is set automatically. You can click Add targeting to set other line-item level targeting options. Additional types of targeting are available in the line item's ad groups.

  7. Configure your line item's settings:

    • Pick custom flight dates or use the same dates as the line item's insertion order.

    • Enter the line item's budget and pacing settings. After you save the line item, you can't change between daily and flight, but you can update the budget amount. 

    • Set your target CPM bid, which is the average amount you want to pay every thousand times your ad is shown.

    • (Optional) Select a mobile, desktop, or tablet bid adjustment to set if your line item can serve on these devices.

    • (Optional) Select the line item's frequency cap. Learn more about frequency caps in Display & Video 360.

  8. Follow the standard steps for completing your line item settings and creating YouTube ads.

Reporting for TrueView for reach line items

TrueView for reach line items use the same reporting options as regular YouTube & partners line items. Learn more

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