Dashboards are customizable views comprised of instant reporting charts and tables. Dashboards are useful for comparing multiple instant reports, and for presenting data in a visual format. All saved instant reports are available to add to dashboards, and all tables and charts that you save in a dashboard will also be saved as instant reports.

Create dashboards

  1. From Insights > Dashboards click New dashboard.
  2. Click the  plus icon to add a note, table, or chart.
    1. Notes are written information to include in your dashboard. For example, comments about your data.
    2. Tables are flat tables. You can create a new table, or use a saved instant report.
    3. Charts are data visualizations. You can create a new chart, or use a saved instant report. 

Add filters and change the date range

Dashboards can save you time by applying the same date range and filters to multiple charts and tables at once. This won't alter the saved date range of underlying instant reports. 

Here's how:

  • Click the date range dropdown (default last 30 days) to change or customize your date range.
  • Click the Filter dropdown icon dropdown and then Add in the Filter box, to apply filters to all charts and tables in your dashboard.


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