Advertiser to Partner list sharing

Advertiser to partner list sharing enables you to centralize all of your data in Display & Video 360 across advertisers and access it at the partner level. You can manage, analyze, and build audiences with a scope spanning across advertisers within a partner with no extra tagging.

Request an account link

While audiences from the partner level are automatically shared to the advertisers within it, an account link is required to share lists from the advertisers within the partner to the partner itself.

To send a link invitation:

  1. From your Display & Video 360 partner, click Settings > Linked accounts on the left menu.
  2. Click Link new account > Display & Video 360.
  3. Enter a link name for the account link.
  4. Enter the ID(s) of the advertiser(s) you want to link.
    1. If the account(s) being linked is managed by the same organization, click Yes for Company ownership.
    2. If the account(s) being linked is managed by different organizations, click No for Company ownership.
  5. ​​Click Preview request message to see the agreement that will be sent.
  6. Select which type of data will be shared between the accounts:
    1. Audience data: this includes first-party audience lists from activity-based audiences. The partner will share the data with advertisers (i.e. child advertisers of the partner).
    2. Campaign events: this includes impressions, clicks, and conversions. The partner won't be able to re-share campaign events themselves, but will be able to re-share user lists generated from them.
  7. Click Link.
  8. Review and authorize the link by clicking Create link.

To accept a link invitation:

  1. From your Display & Video 360 advertiser, click Settings > Linked accounts on the left menu.
  2. Click on the link request.
  3. Hover over the request and select View request.
  4. Review and Approve or Reject the request.

Note that the partner can initiate the link request from the partner level and accept the request from the advertiser level.

Unlink an account

Account links can be revoked on both the advertiser and partner levels.

To revoke an account link:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Linked accounts.
  2. Under Display & Video 360, click on the linked accounts.
  3. Check the box next to the account(s) you want to remove and select Action > Remove.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm the unlinking. 

List sharing

Once a link is completed, all existing and future audiences will be shared with the partner.

Sharing lists from the partner to advertisers will work automatically without any additional linking.

  • Partner > Advertiser sharing: Automatic
  • Advertiser > Partner sharing: Linking required

Note that lists shared from the advertiser to the partner will automatically be shared to all other advertisers.

Eligible lists

The following lists are eligible to be shared from the advertiser level to the partner level:

Advertiser Audience Source Shared to the Partner?
Display & Video 360 (Note that tag-based audience lists cannot be shared) Yes
Google Data Management Platform (DMP) Yes
Google Analytics 360 Yes
Campaign Manager 360 No
YouTube No

Any audience that was shared to the advertiser, will not be re-shared to the partner.

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