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Learn how to use Ad Canvas by watching this short video (6:08):


Ad Canvas is a visual editor you can use to build and edit creatives in real time. Use the image below as a map to find your way around the Ad Canvas.

Ad Canvas only supports the following creative formats: Flipbook, Panorama, Cue Cards, Blank Slate, and custom formats.
  1. Asset panel. Add and edit images, text, landing page URLs, and CSS styling. The asset panel is divided into sections:
    1. Assets: Add images by dragging files from your computer and dropping them over the asset you want add or replace. Or, click Upload, then select an image file from your computer. To remove an asset, click Remove Remove.
    2. Text: Enter taglines, descriptions, calls to action, and other text elements. Next, add landing page URLs for any call to action and background images. You can also pick colors and set opacity for rich text elements.
    3. Style: Pick colors for background colors and primary and secondary styles.

      If your creative has a swipe gallery or multiple frames, swipe through to see where each asset or element appears in the live preview (2).
  2. Live preview. Preview and interact with your creative the same way your potential customers will.

For data-driven creatives only

3. Edit variant name. By default, the first variant is named after the format (for example, Panorama). To help you tell one variant from another in reports, give the variant a name that will help you distinguish between the other variants you create. Click on the name to edit it.

The variant name will be used in reports when you select “Variant Name” as a reporting dimension. Each variant includes the same the report dimensions available for a creative.

4. Make copy. Click Make copy to create a new variant. New variants have the same assets, text, and styling as the copied variant. After you make a copy, the new variant is selected and the original variant is de-selected, allowing you to immediately edit the new copies. To delete a variant, first select only the variant you wish to delete, then click Delete.

Select variants. Selected variants have a blue circle with a checkmark . While variants that are not selected have a gray circle with a checkmark . To change which variants are selected, click the checkmark on the upper left hand corner of the variant you want to select.
Select multiple variants when you want to edit more than one variant at the same time or make a copy of more than one variant at the same time.

Mixed values. When multiple variants share the same asset, text, and style values (for example, both variant 1 and variant 3 have the tagline "Refreshing & revitalizing essential oils"), the asset panel will show the specific value ("Refreshing & revitalizing essential oils"). When multiple variants have different assets, text, or style values (for example, variant 1 has a tagline "Refreshing & revitalizing essential oils" and variant 2 has a tagline "Relax and rejuvenate") the asset panel will show <mixed values>.

In both cases, you can overwrite these values by uploading a new asset, editing the text, or changing the styling. The new values will be applied to all selected variants.

5. Filter variants. Click Filter Filter to review or edit specific variants on the Ad Canvas. Only variants selected in the filter will be shown. Creatives that have been de-selected by the filter cannot be edited.

6. Switch views. Click List view List view or Gallery view Gallery view to switch between editing views. List view displays all variants and assets in an editable table view, while Gallery view displays large previews with the Asset panel. The same editing features are available in both views. Use the view you prefer, or switch between them as needed.

Find and edit landing page URLs

For data-driven and custom creative formats with URLs that can change for each variant, you can only edit landing page URLs in Ad Canvas. To edit landing page URLs, expand the Text section in the Asset panel on the right.

View and edit variants in a list

When you're working with a creative with a large number of variants, you may find it easier to switch to list view. List view displays the same information you see in Gallery view in an editable table. In the table, each variant is a row, and each asset is a column.

Edit assets in List view

  • To edit text or landing pages, double-click or click Edit .
  • To edit an image, drag an image to the appropriate cell, or click Upload. To remove an image, click Remove Remove.
  • To edit colors, double-click or click Edit . The color and opacity pickers will appear in that field.
Note: Variant names can't currently be edited in List view. Instead, switch to Gallery view to edit.
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