Browse and learn about creative formats

If you're not sure which Display & Video 360 ad format to use, or if you want to learn about new formats, open the Format Gallery. In the gallery, you'll find descriptions of each format along with example ads.

Open the Format Gallery

  1. Open an advertiser.
  2. In the left menu, click Creativeand thenFormat Gallery.

Filter available formats

The first time you open the Format Gallery, all the formats are shown. To narrow down to a specific format, click one of the tabs at the top. (For example, if you only want to see formats with video, including both in-stream and outstream, click the Video tab.)

Learn more about a format

Roll over a format preview to see an animated preview (if available).

To see a more detailed preview or to learn more about a format, click Details. An expanded preview opens with more information about the format, including format specifications, previews with different brand verticals, and templates for Google Web Designer (if available).

Make a new creative

Once you've found a format you're interested in, start building a creative by clicking Create. If the format doesn't have a Create button, click Details to learn more about available templates.

Upload and use custom data-driven creative formats

If you want precise creative control or have strict brand guidelines you need to follow, you can create and upload your own format. When you want to make many variations of a data-driven creative layout, a custom format helps you quickly create variations while maintaining a single creative source file in Google Web Designer.

Click Custom to upload and use custom formats.

About our fictitious brands

To help you visualize how each format will look, format previews include three fictitious brands in different verticals: automotive, health and beauty, and big-box retail.


Vorato is a classic car brand that's launching a new model for millennials, Neuron.


C'Balm is a worldwide health and beauty brand that offers skin, hair, and body care products.


Corner is a big-box retailer that prides themselves on super fast shipping and a first-rate delivery experience.

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